Family Child Care, Early Care and Preschool Education in the Comfort of Home

We're so happy that you've come to play!! Take off your coat and mittens and hang them on your special hook! Remind Mom and Dad to sign you in, check your mailbox and the board for any new messages, reminders, our activity calendar, menus and community information! Then please, join us for a day of fun, play and learning!

At the end of the day, don't forget to check your special folder for your activites and papers that must go home. Also, don't forget that it isn't really all about the things that are in your folder at the end of your day..... it's more about what you take home in your HEART!!

Ages and Enrollment z;
we welcome ages
6 weeks to 12 years
our family day care license allows us
5 preschoolers and 3 schoolagers

What a wonderful extended family of little friends!