Family Child Care, Early Care and Preschool Education in the Comfort of Home

Why family child care?

Quality Home Child Care
A family childcare provider continues the parents role of caregiver, nurturer, comforter, and first teacher. The provider is not just a babysitter. A sitter comes into your home for a few hours. You tell her what you want for your child. A family childcare provider welcomes you and your child into her home. She plans meals, schedules activities, and keeps your child safe while teaching about many interesting themes and also everything in which your child shows an interest. She organizes the children's activities. She will appreciate your family values and child rearing practices. She is a professional and you can rely on her judgment. Working together as a team, you will provide the best for your child. The provider is not a substitute for you. You are the most important person in your child's life and the provider respects that.

Here are just a few of the advantages of MY home based child care!

  • Your child receives individual attention.
  • There is structure with more flexibility than in a center.
  • There is less illness because there are fewer people in and out, which means fewer germs are spread to your child.
  • Your child is cared for and taught by a trained childcare professional who is usually a mother as well.
  • Children have an opportunity to play and learn with others in a much smaller group than in a center.
  • Your child has the same caregiver all day every day. And there is one person who knows exactly what your child has done, eaten, etc. throughout the day.
  • It is possible for your child to remain with the same provider from infancy up to or through school age.
  • A quality childcare home may cost more than some day care centers, but the lower number of children, quality of care and consistency of the caregiver  and the quality of the children's education makes the difference in price more understandable.
  • The ratio of children per caregiver is much lower in a childcare home than at a daycare center.
  • You and your child are treated as part of the family in a childcare home rather than being just another number in a large center.
  • Your child spends the day in the company of a fully credentialed teacher/administrator!